Go on, talk to your car.

Want to use your phone or change the music on your iPod1, hands-free? Just say the words and let SYNC® do the rest. It’s just one of the ways in which the Ford EcoSport helps in making life easier.

Hands-free phone calls

Do you get separation anxiety whenever you can’t use your phone? In your EcoSport, there’s no need. With SYNC®, you can stay connected during your journey. Hook it up to your phone using Bluetooth®2, and calling your mom is as simple as saying “Call mom”. Stream or plug in your music, and just say want you want to hear. Your hands stay on the wheel, your eyes stay on the road, and you stay in touch. Easy.


Phone Call


Play Music

Space that grows

The EcoSport may be compact on the outside, but inside there’s plenty of room to fit your life. Fold down the 60:40 rear seats, and you get 705L of space in the back. That’s big enough to fit a 560L washing machine or, with a little luck, something more exciting. Or keep one of the split rear seats up and fold the other down for maximum flexibility with passengers and cargo.

Auto headlights3

Never lose sight of where you’re going with the clever auto-headlight feature. As soon as low-light levels are registered, whether due to stormy weather, a tunnel or simply nightfall, your headlights switch on automatically. And after you turn off the engine, they’ll stay on for a few seconds to help you see where you’re going.

Cooled glovebox

The airconditioning has been tried and tested in extreme temperatures, so it works well in any climate. But it doesn’t just keep you cool. It also keeps drinks or food cool inside your glovebox.

20 storage compartments3

It’s what you don’t see lying around that says a lot about the EcoSport’s interior design. Twenty storage spaces let you conveniently pack things away. A slide-out drawer under the front seat keeps valuables safely out of sight. Even your sunglasses and umbrella have their own spaces.


The EcoSport’s Electronic Ait Temperature Control (EATC) keeps you cool in the heat of summer and warm at the height of winter. Once you set a temperature, the system maintains it with outstanding precision, ensuring superior comfort for everyone. And because it’s super-efficient, you save fuel.

Power on3

Always stay charged on the go with the front and rear 12V power sockets.