Take the road less travelled. Because you can.

Elevated ride height

Even roads you take every day will look different in the EcoSport. It seats you higher, so you see more of what’s going on around you. Who knows what you might discover on the way?

Fit in just about anywhere

You want an SUV, but your life is in the city. That’s no problem with the EcoSport. Its urban dimensions make it easy to park and get around crowded city streets, yet its styling and ride height give you the confidence of an SUV.

A quieter ride

Cities are noisy, but not inside the EcoSport. Designed with an outstandingly quiet interior, the EcoSport turns even the busiest peak-hour street into a relaxing haven.

Hill Launch Assist1

EcoSport comes with the secret to perfect hill starts. Hill launch assist holds the brake for a few seconds after you take your foot off, giving you time to smoothly accelerate, either up- or downhill, without rolling or losing control. So if others are stopped close behind you on a slope, there’s no need to sweat.

200mm ground clearance

When it comes to getting you where you want to go, the EcoSport means business. It puts 200mm of ground clearance between you and the road, potholes, rough surfaces or whatever else is in your way. And with good approach and departure angles, plus 550mm water wading2 , you’re basically ready for anything.