Retail Price

R546,400 – R610 600

Duratec-HE Seating For
Fuel Economy



It’s okay to stare

Frozen White

Blazer Blue

Race Red


Moondust Silver


Tectonic Silver

Deep Impact Blue

Absolute Black

A powerful, fuel-efficient diesel engine.

The Tourneo Custom comes with an economical, reliable and efficient 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi engine, with front wheel drive, six speed manual transmission and three power levels to choose from: 74kW/310Nm; 92kW/350Nm; 114kW/385.

Tourneo Custom ECOnetic technology.

With the Ford ECOnetic techonology, the engine lowers running costs and reduces the impact on the environment.

Shift Indicator for fuel-efficient gear changes.

Advises you when to change gear for maximum fuel efficiency.

Engineered for durability. Tested for toughness.

Like all Ford Transits, Tourneo Custom has durability in its DNA.

Bluetooth® audio streaming.

Stream your music collection from your compatible MP3 player or mobile phone to the vehicle’s audio system.

Advanced protection, inside and out.

*Trailer Sway Control.

When it detects trailer sway, the system is designed to reduce engine torque and apply the brakes to the appropriate wheel(s) to help restore control.

Traction Control System.

If wheel slip is detected at low speed, this sytem can distribute more torque to the wheel with more traction.

Emergency Brake Assist.

Designed to recognise an emergency braking situation and increase the pressure within the braking system to provide extra stopping power.