Seriously fun to drive

The Focus combines power and fuel economy with an all-new transmission to deliver a fantastic driving experience..

The best of both worlds

Why choose between power and fuel economy when you can have both? The EcoBoost engine uses award-winning technology to deliver the performance you want, with the fuel economy you’ll love.


1.0 Ecoboost   92kW-132kW  1.0l-1.5l

Smooth ride

The Focus offers 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions to produce a smooth and responsive ride.

Active Grille Shutter

Mounted in the grille aperture ahead of the radiator, Ford’s active grille shutter features motorised horizontal vents that can rotate through 90 degrees to block the airflow and, when fully closed, can reduce aerodynamic drag by up to 6%.

Saves you money

When you come to a full stop—like at a red light—Auto-Stop/Start automatically shuts down the engine to save you fuel. When you want to drive off, just release the brake and the engine immediately restarts.

Smooth hill starts1

Hill launch assist automatically activates whenever you’re on a hill. Take your foot off the brake pedal, and your Focus will hold the brakes for a few seconds, allowing time for you to push the accelerator without rolling backwards.