This is the really cool stuff  

This is the point of no return, because once you drive a car with these features, you’ll never want to drive without them again.

Keyless entry and power start button

As long as your key fob is in your pocket or bag, your Fiesta automatically unlocks when you pull the door handle. Then simply put your foot on the brake, press the start button and drive away1.

You talk. SYNC® listens

You’ve got to love a car that lets you use your Bluetooth®phone while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Call friends by saying their names. Play your music, your way. Plug in your iPod® or stream music wirelessly on your phone. Just tell SYNC®, and keep everything under control and totally hands-free.

Perfect starts with Hill Launch Assist2

Does stopping and starting on hills cause a little anxiety? Then relax. Hill Launch Assist stops your Fiesta from rolling downhill for the few seconds it takes your foot to leave the brake and press the accelerator.

Auto headlights and rain-sensing wipers

There are enough decisions in life. So here are a few you no longer have to think about. Rain-sensing wipers1 turn on automatically and adjust their speed for heavy or light rain. Auto headlights1 also turn on as soon as they sense there’s not enough light, so you can see what’s ahead.

Steering made easy

The Fiesta’s electronic power-assisted steering knows how fast you’re going, and adjusts the “weightiness” of the steering wheel for optimum control. It even adapts to road conditions and strong winds to help keep you safely on track. The best part is that it only activates when you need it, saving you fuel.

This is the stuff you just want to look at

We could say a lot about the stylish design of the Fiesta, but what you really care about is how good it looks. Now take the next step.