Fuel-saving performance

Power and economy. Performance and efficiency. Through innovative technology and advanced engineering, the Fiesta ST delivers it all: without compromise.

A fine-tuned 6-speed manual gearbox

The Fiesta ST has a 6-speed manual transmission, specifically tuned to match the specific characteristics of the 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine and its high-end top speed. The result is maximum power, torque and fuel efficiency as you accelerate through the gears.

Get the most out of your engine

The revolutionary new 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine gives you all the power you’d expect from a conventional engine, with fuel1 economy of up to 5.9l/km (combined)* and COemissions as low as 138g/km.

Unique grille shutter for improved aerodynamics

With the Active Grille Shutter system, the front grille vent stays open to cool the engine when you’re driving slowly, but automatically closes when you pick up speed. The closed position improves aerodynamics, which also increases fuel economy.


So many things affect how far you can go on a tank of fuel, including the way you drive. EcoMode gives you tips on how you can change the way you drive, while you’re driving. So you can drive more and refuel less often.